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CBD symbol
kalikare name trademark

CBD products  are identified by the Purple labels  

   All Natural   

KaliKare cbd purple label

  No cannabis smell  

KaliKarecbd face cream

  No cannabis smell  

all cbd products together

 KaliKare CBD Topical products

Do not smell like cannabis.

Do not have psychedelic side effects

on most people!

CBD Tinctures

Do smell like cannabis


Do not have a psychedelic effect 

on most people.

(we all react differently to different products)

CBD soap purple label

  No cannabis smell  


THC products are identified by the Green labels

   Cannabis Infused 

THC logo


Placing an order with us in the Month of November

to receive a

FREE sample size 

Loving Touch THC Massage Stix 

large thc massage stix_edited.jpg


KaliKare THC products
KaliKare thc heavenly cream

  No cannabis smell  

KaliKare facial serum
THC soap green label
KaliKare thc tiincture
CBD symbol


CBD/THC products are identified by the Red Labels

 Hand Crafted with Love  

THC logo
KaliKare cbd/thc balancing cream

  No cannabis smell  

KaliKare cbd/thc facial mist

  No cannabis smell  

CBD/THC topical products
CBD/THC soap red label

  No cannabis smell  

KaliKare cbd/thc tincture

Prices subject to change without notice.

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