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Purple labels for CBD infued line


The CBD line of products are infused with full spectrum CBD from the bud of industrial hemp. CBD seems contains countless qualities but is especially useful in relieving inflammation as well as sensitive skin.

Our CBD is from the bud

of industrial Hemp

Red labels for cbd/thc infused line

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The products in the CBD/THC line come from a strain of cannabis bred with equal parts CBD & THC. Thus creating a dynamic product line rich with both properties found in CBD & THC.

Our cbd/thc comes from a strain of cannabis with equal amounts THC and CBD

 Green labels for THC infused line

The products in the THC line are infused with full spectrum cannabis & organic therapeutic grade essential oils. THC comes from the cannabis plant & seems to have a wide array of benefits as well as relieving qualities.

Our THC comes from a strain of marijuana high in THC

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you’ll need to consult a doctor

before trying any new treatments.

 When using cannabis individual results may very! 

This cannabis infused facial/body care line is provided as is without any guarantees. In association with the product, KaliKare makes no claims of any kind, either expressed or implied. Use of the product by a user is at the user’s risk.

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