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conversation started by reaching out to as

many people as possible! To inform them of the countless ways cannabis products are helping others deal with everything from minor cuts to painful & debilitating health issues.

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     help for pain relief     

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KaliKare a quality line

of cannabis infused body care products that may aid in reducing pain, inflammation and stress while promoting anti-aging rejuvenation and vibrancy. Products are produced using the finest quality organic ingredients. Our THC and CBD infused products synergize naturally with the body's endocannabinoid system to help  create good overall health.

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Cannabis Infused Tinctures

KaliKare Tinctures are in a sunflower seed oil base. We suggest to start with 3 to 5 drops before bed to help with sleep. Tincture can be used daily (micro dosing) for chronic pain from arthritis,  joint pain, inflammation, skin conditions and so much more. Find the right dose for you!  If you feel high and don't like it, stay calm, drink a citrus drink like orange juice, water, eat food & move around! You will be ok. Sleep is always good. 19+

Purple labels for CBD infused line

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Hemp and CBD symbol

The CBD line of products are infused with full spectrum CBD from the bud of industrial hemp. CBD contains countless qualities but is especially useful in relieving inflammation as well as sensitive skin.

Red labels for CBD/THC  infused line

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The products in the CBD/THC line come from a strain of cannabis bred with equal parts CBD & THC, thus creating a dynamic product line rich with both properties found in CBD & THC.

 Green labels for THC infused line

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THC logo

The products in the THC line are infused with

full spectrum cannabis & organic therapeutic

 grade essential oils. THC comes from the

cannabis plant & seems to have a wide array

.of benefits as well as relieving qualities