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Our mission is to get the cannabis

conversation started by reaching out to as

many people as possible! To inform them of the countless ways cannabis products are helping others deal with everything from minor cuts to painful & debilitating health issues.

It’s about Living Better

Why did we choose the name


The ancient goddess Kali

was called the protector of the people.

Her statue was placed at the entrance to the village.

She had two sides,

the seldom recognized or talked about is her good side.

She is best known for her so-called evil side

because she would take part when a disaster happened!

We celebrate the positive side of Kali,

the side that is there to help with the rebuild.

after the disaster.

We feel our KaliKare products are helping people

rebuild their damaged bodies.

The KaliKare♥® team at the

Inspired Living 55+Lifestyle Show 

The early years 

This cannabis infused facial/body care line is provided as is without any guarantees. In association with the product, KaliKare♥® makes no claims of any kind, either expressed or implied. Use of the product by a user is at the user’s risk.

We DO NOT  sell your personal information!


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