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Red Label 1/1 Cannabis Tincture

CBD/THC Cannabis Tincture

CBD:55mg THC:45mg per30ml

KaliKare's 1/1 Tinctures are in a sunflower seed oil base.

Do not take before driving or using heavy machinery. Too much at once may have a psycho-active effect. 

We suggest to start with 3 to 5 drops before bed to help with sleep. 

Tincture can be used daily (micro dosing) for chronic pain from arthritis,  joint pain, inflammation, & so much more. Find the right dose for you! 

 If you feel high & don't like it, stay calm, drink a citrus drink like orange juice & water, eat food, & move around! You will be ok. Sleep is always good. 19+

CBD/THC Tincture 30ml

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