CBD/THC Infused

Face & and Body Care Line

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Medium 120ml





CBD/THC  Balancing Cream

Kalikare's best "All in One" lotion! We recommend using our 1 to 1 Balancing Cream as a face, body, and hand lotion, as well as a face cleansing lotion. You can even add a small amount to your hair as a conditioning elixir. A rejuvenating and restorative daily lotion for all skin types. Ultra hydrating without being greasy, while balancing oily skin conditions too! Delicious aromatherapy of top quality therapeutic grade organic essential oils of Frankincense, Red Mandarin, Lavender, Vanilla, Patchouli, Rosalina and Lemongrass work to deeply penetrate into the skin tissue and bring in antioxidant and anti inflammatory botanical support.

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CBD/THC Facial/Body Mist 80ml 


CBD/THC Balancing Bar Body Soap

90gm SKU-R206

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CBD/THC Facial Cream 50ml



CBD/THC Tincture 30ml 


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 When using cannabis individual results may very! 

For serious skin issues or injuries, you’ll need to consult a doctor before trying any new treatments.

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