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My name is Callie  

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phone- 1-604-341-0133

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Our Mission

Is to get the cannabis conversation started by reaching out to as many people as possible! We want to inform everyone of the countless ways cannabis products are helping others deal with everything from minor cuts to painful & debilitating health issues.

  We created Kalikare products to share what our product formulator has learned 
about keeping your skin looking and feeling fabulous.
Kalikare products are luxurious, healing, effective and safe,
and create a wonderful balancing effect on your skin that we know you are going to love!
We use only the finest and highest quality organic natural ingredients that deliver the highest therapeutic benefits. Cruelty Free & vegan friendly.

Discover KaliKare's diverse product line of full spectrum

cannabis infused cosmetics & body care.

Each of our three product lines are unique with

different benefits for all types of skin.

Contact Us

For additional information 

send us a message with

your name phone # 604-341-0133

or email

For serious skin issues or injuries,

you’ll need to consult a doctor

before trying any new treatments.

 When using cannabis individual results may very! 

This cannabis infused facial/body care line is provided as is without any guarantees. In association with the product, KaliKare makes no claims of any kind, either expressed or implied. Use of the product by a user is at the user’s risk.

Kali mantra

       CBD           CBD/THC         THC




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